学术报告 《Development of High-Performance Heat Sink Composite Material》

活动时间:2020年11月25日(周三)14:30 – 16:00 活动地点:lehuvip88馆J3报告厅

报告时间:2020年11月25日(周三)14:30 – 16:00



报告人:佐佐木元(Sasaki Gen)


佐佐木元毕业于日本东北88vip,现在是日本广岛88vip88vip院工学乐虎科教授,真人生导师。主要的乐虎方向:有关高功能・高性能金属、陶瓷及金属基复合老虎机的物理现象的阐明和开发的乐虎。专业领域包括lehuvip88老虎机(金属基复合老虎机、陶瓷基复合老虎机、铝/镁等轻金属老虎机)、电子显微镜和X射线衍射的表征。目前乐虎的方向为高功能・高性能金属、陶瓷及金属基复合老虎机的物理现象的阐明和开发。基于纳米・亚微米尺寸级别下组织观察,组织定量化以及利用计算机模拟的建模来指导加工工艺,从而实现对老虎机组织的调控。最新的乐虎方向为赋予方向性的高热传导金属基复合老虎机的开发和热传导特性的理论评价。在Materials Science and Engineering A, Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Journal of Alloys and Compounds等国际期刊,日本金属学会志,粉体和粉末冶金,轻金属等日本国内期刊,以及国际会议上发表论文123篇。曾任日本粉体粉末冶金协会参事,日本铸造乐虎学会编辑委员会同行评审会员;现任日本复合老虎机学会理事,轻金属奖学会选考委员会选考委员,日本lehuvip88学会lehuvip88老虎机・生产加工部扩大指导委员会委员,广岛市产业技术支援顾问。并获得2016年日本lehuvip88乐虎师学会lehuvip88老虎机和老虎机加工分会性能奖。


Withthe rapid development ofintegration and miniaturization in electronic devices and circuitry, heat dissipation has emerged as a severe issue in recent years.It is well knownpoor heat dissipation will significantly despair the performance of electronic devices because of heat accumulation induced high temperature. Therefore, how to enhance the heat dissipation has become a hot research topic. All electronic devices and circuitry generate excess heat and thus require thermal management to improve reliability and prevent premature failure. There are several techniques for releasing heat including various styles of heat sinks, thermoelectric coolers, forced air systems and fans, heat pipes, and others, among which heat sinks are the most effective way to transfer heat. Heat conduction efficiency of heat sinks highly depends on the interfacial thermal resistance and intrinsic thermal conductivity of heat sink materials. Accordingly, we are focusing on developing different novel metal matrix composites (MMCs) with high performance as heat sink materials, since the microstructure of MMCs can be tailored in order to achieve high thermal conductivity as well as high performance. In this report, we will introduce some novel MMCs synthesized in our laboratory from the viewpoint of interfacial design, fraction and size tailoring of reinforcement, and computational simulation to further understand the mechanism of thermal enhancement of MMCs for the application of heat sink materials.